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Provide innovative business and technology service that deliver measurable results.

Successfully meet Business and IT Challenges.

A leading Consulting and IT Services Company offering a wide range of solutions for key verticals and horizontals. 

Continuous improvement through constant innovation. 

Coming up with innovattiveideas and transforming them into solutions. 

When exact solutions are the need, right fit makes all the difference. 

Seamless approach to the business and technology srevices.


Off-Shore Development

At Alaoka, we specialize in offshore software development using different technologies. Outsourcing IT projects and solutions to India is a rapidly growing practice in today's highly competitive economy because organizations are under pressure to develop products/projects at a rapid and cost-effective rate or make upgrades to existing technologies quickly. These IT solutions need to be implemented without compromising on their quality standards or the organization's resources. For this reason alone, most of the software development projects ranging from small to mid-market to high-end organizations look to outsource software development projects to India.

Offshore web development India is one of the many services provided by this outsourcing powerhouse country. During the past decade, India maintained its position as one of the best go to places in terms of outsourcing services. One of the many services they provide is web development and this comprises of effective World Wide Web marketing, mobile applications development, web designs and the like. They are based in India but they have offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. But their services reach out to many countries around the world .


  • Quick and timely exposure to talent from across the world. The prompt service in offshore setups is one of the primary benefits of the move .
  • The opportunity to expand the customer base is greater when offshore developmental strategies are used .
  • The cost cutting procedures of a company often recommend offshore development since the amount of difference in terms of finances is quite significant .
  • The risks during project delays are also significantly reduced when the setup is in a different country.
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