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Provide innovative business and technology service that deliver measurable results.

Successfully meet Business and IT Challenges.

A leading Consulting and IT Services Company offering a wide range of solutions for key verticals and horizontals. 

Continuous improvement through constant innovation. 

Coming up with innovattiveideas and transforming them into solutions. 

When exact solutions are the need, right fit makes all the difference. 

Seamless approach to the business and technology srevices.


Vision & Mission

Focus On Fulfillment and Will Do Attitude:

We are a team of creative minds driving innovative solutions to complex business issues. We focus on the winning characteristics by quickly recognizing how work is performed and implementing innovative tools and techniques to chart a course for the future .

Successful implementation and integration of new technologies into our customers' critical processes are the essential elements of creating those solutions. We achive this by:

  • Understanding client requirements and needs.
  • Finding, attracting and retaining skilled, talented and reliable IT professionals.
  • Quickly assimilating new technology.
  •  Converting path-breaking ideas into reality.
  • Consistently exceeding clients’ expectations.

Alaoka Software Technologies' mission is:

To provide innovative and comprehensive technology solutions that deliver measurable business results through the rapid application and support of advanced technologies .

To work with our clients to align their people, strategy, processes, and technology to their business requirements .

To approach client needs with sharp focus, directing all efforts to the point. To create solutions that exceeds client expectations.

  • Achieve excellence through Information Technology with world class solutions.
  • Quality driven solutions.
  • Domain Knowledge and Key Industry Partners.
  • Global Presence and Transcontinental experience.

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